You're one step away from a more joyful life. 

Research confirms chronic illness and pain are a huge challenge for couples to navigate. A partner experiencing chronic pain can decline relationship satisfaction, increase home-life stressors, and can put both partners at risk of developing mental health problems. Yikes! 

But... I'll share with you a little secret...

Through a small number of practical, low energy changes, couples can escape survival mode and find a new, exciting normal. It is within your power to have a great relationship - in fact, a remarkable one, in spite of chronic pain or chronic illness. 

Hi, I'm Karra!
I help couples experience a more joyful relationship in spite of chronic pain. 

Sally shepherd | author & clinical psychologist

"Reading Karra's book feels like talking to your best friend - who gets it, has the best advice, and tells it to you straight! 
This book is a must-read for chronic pain sufferers, their partners, and professionals working with them."

We all have this idea of what we hope our life & relationship with our partner is going to look like. We do all we can to direct our path that way but sometimes, chronic illness and pain has other plans.

When fatigue, pain and general stress from a health condition starts to affect your relationship, couples and individual partners need practical, low-energy steps to instantly inject joy & passion into their relationship in spite of chronic pain. And oh my... it is possible! 

I'm dedicated to helping you experience a more joyful and passion-filled relationship in spite of chronic pain! 

I know chronic pain & illness changes your relationship. 

I get it. 

"Karra Is A Warm And Caring Person. She Understands Us. I’ve Learnt Ways Of Communicating That Have Been Very Relevant To My Condition And The Stage That We (My Husband And I) Find Ourselves In. I Found A New Normal To Look Forward To And Ways Of Finding Self-Compassion For Myself." - Shirley, Chronic Pain Partner Project Graduate

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